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Young member of Mapuche community Wente Winkul Mapu goes into hiding after blunt political condemnation in Chile

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February 4, 2013

The sentences to members of the Community Wente Winkul Mapu read out this Monday in the Oral Trial Court of Angol, show several facts affecting the Chilean justice when it comes to judging Mapuche in decisive moments.

The youths were convicted in connection with the fight of their community for the recovery of Mapuche territory now occupied by the entrepreneur landowner Juan de Dios Fuentes , a colonist who has the servitude of the State.

During the trial, first, underlies the racism endemic in powerful Chileans
who impose their enormous interests and privileges whenever a Mapuche is judged.

On the other hand, there are shown the unscrupulous and shameless pressures of the government of Piñera to the judicial institutions and especially its counterpart, the judges pressured to convict without the minimum standards of proof, under pressure to condemn even against their own convictions. Moreover, coerced, forced to condemn the innocent to allow the government to show results to the occupiers of Wallmapu that exchange for justice, results as false as the evidence of the prosecutor Chamorro or the "government dialogs."

The political convictions of today against Erick Montoya and Rodrigo Montoya to 6 ½ years and 5 years and one day respectively as well as the symbolic condemnation of Ricardo Nahuelqueo, seek to expiate the guilt and the ineffectiveness of the government.

And in the words of defense attorney Nelson Miranda, this is the most scandalous trial as to the lack of evidence.

Public statement Wente Winkul Mapu on the judgment of this afternoon 

The Community Wente Winkul Mapu declares to the Mapuche people, social organizations and to the public opinion the following: 

1. - Our peñi Erick Montoya, along with Rodrigo Montoya and Ricardo Nahuelque, was convicted and sentenced this afternoon to six years and a day and 541 days in prison, in a seditious setup culminating with this ruling through the testimony of a protected witness, which despite its contradictions, managed, through lies, that our peñi must fulfill a penalty of effective political prison in the prison of Angol.

2. - Faced with this we communicate that our peñi has decided with dignity to go underground, because the courts gave no guarantees for a due process, making it clear that his conviction simply responds to a political decision taken by the state, executed by their representatives and their equipment to once again run over the rights of the Mapuche communities to defend themselves and to autonomy of the territory, so we have decided as a community to support the courageous decision of the peñi, as we believe it is a worthy gesture of rebellion against the oppression of the fascist and repressive Chilean state.

3. - In the afternoon, there was a raid on our territory, by the PDI trying to arrest the peñi, without success, but threatening to return tonight. We will not be intimidated by the state terrorism nor the injustice of those who have the power and ability to repress us, since they are simply in favor of the rich in this country, without even pretending to listen to us.

4. - We call on our Mapuche Nation not to be intimidated by the media setups nor the repression from the militarized police, because our struggle is long, fair and it dignifies us.

With our Weichafe, fallen with impunity, in mind, we continue to advance towards free self-determination, exercising territorial control and productive land recoveries.

 Community Wente Winkul Mapu Wallmapuche, February 4, 2013.

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